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This site is really two sites in one since my passions are music and disability awareness. At 12 years of age, I was a disc jockey (at KZAM 92.5 fm Seattle, Washington) and produced my own radio show. I am herein presenting both sides of DeWitty.

I am a musician, but also a keynote speaker and consultant to corporations about disability awareness. These experiences resulted in founding my own company - Abilities 2020 - to consult with private and public agencies and organizations on Disability Awareness, enabling companies to better serve consumers with disabilities. Most companies don’t realize that the over 54 million disabled people in the United States spend over $4.4 trillion a year on goods and services. It pays to understand the needs of these folks. If you are serious about increasing profit potential through consumer relations at the point of contact, these consultant services can assist you in attracting customers that you may not have served or contacted previously.

Totally sightless since childhood, I work to create a greater awareness of the social obstacles and discrimination individuals with disabilities face as they pursue their dreams. I know how easily these obstacles are reduced or removed with increased sensitivity and awareness.

Many successful years performing live music have prepared me to move an audience in interactive participation. When I speak to a group, participants quickly begin to understand that having a disability is not as important as an individual's knowledge, skills, and abilities. People with and without disabilities benefit greatly when participating in the lively presentations, informative meetings, conferences, and symposia produced by Abilities 2020.

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