Gordon DeWitty

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Gordon's inherent, musical talent was fostered vigorously by a father with keen foresight. Music lessons were strictly enforced.

At 12, Gordon was dishing out R&B, Jazz, and Pop music over the local airwaves. Station KZAM FM in Seattle billed him as "The World's Youngest Disk Jockey." By his early teens, Dad no longer had to prevail upon him. Music had become for Gordon, a miraculous connection with the world around him.

At age 20, Gordon was invited to Los Angeles because Bobby Womak heard of him working back home and said, "Come on down to LA, I got a gig for you." He left the one secure place he had known to go to the City of Angels to pursue his dreams. Gordon worked with top talents Earth, Wind, & Fire, Little Feat, Johnny Nash, and a host of others. He's a talented songwriter, producer, backup musician, and recording artist. Several of his records even went Platinum! After achieving a gratifying level of personal success in the music industry, Gordon began to redirect his extraordinary talents. He wanted to work more directly in the effort to eliminate the social obstacles that confront disabled people.

This was a new arena and presented many new personal challenges. Music had taught him that you've got to get the basics down before you can boogie with the big guys, so he started at the beginning. After a stint as a Montessori School teacher; then day-care provider; then International Olympic Committee Transportation dispatcher, Gordon migrated naturally into a position as Communications Coordinator with a prominent organization serving the mentally and physically disabled. He was responsible for the agency-wide coordination of the communications systems as well as Supported Employment and Job Development efforts.

Gordon personally provided instruction and training for disabled consumers. He also negotiated satisfying employment for unemployed consumers, and generally performed as a key liaison person with the business community. His skill as interagency consumer advocate and counselor to agency administration has benefited numerous program participants. Unfortunately, ours is a culture created without full regard for all of its citizens. Fortunately, people like Gordon are in the process of reversing this trend.

Think what it means to bring this genuine, living experience to a corporate management training. There to teach and share with non-disabled personnel who are themselves charged with teaching productive consumer relations to front line employees.

Indeed, an active and successful career in the music industry has honed Gordon's communication abilities to a razor's edge.

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