Make your company more profitable with an existing market that spends about $4,400,000,000.

Our disabled population is substantial – 54 million strong. This translates into $4.4 trillion spent on goods and services annually. When you factor in families, friends, and caregivers, the numbers soar. I can be a powerful resource in the effort to obtain a greater share of this largely overlooked market.

My mission is to contribute a practical understanding of the basic social needs of disabled people to "mainstream" business. Increased awareness in the heart of consumer commerce can dissolve unconscious, social discrimination, and make you more money in the process.

When business accommodates the largest of all consumer minorities, it pays. Word moves rapidly through this relatively close-knit community. Its people share many of the same obstacles. These are unconscious, social hurdles that deny them full participation in the open arenas of life that most able people take for granted. Personal treatment matters to people with disabilities as they come and go about the business of their lives. When treated well, they return repeatedly, and they share their experiences with others.

Working with us, your organization can tap into this generally neglected market while performing a greatly appreciated service for a long-denied group of people.

I can show you:
• How to comfortably assist customers with disabilities at point of contact
• How to generate strong, consumer loyalty with the disabled community
• How to teach the basics to front line employees

With so many competing options available, it makes sense that our disabled population will choose competitors who are willing to accommodate a few simple, special needs.


Americans with Disabilities Act and the Spirit of the Law

Simple fairness demands that all citizens be included as we shape our culture. The Americans with Disabilities Act became law in 1990 requiring that all public accommodations and commercial facilities be physically accessible to all people. Ramps, rails, signs, and parking spaces do comply with this "letter of the law." But the question remains, will we take the next step and embrace the "spirit of the law?"

At the very least, doesn't this "spirit of the law" simply ask that we include people with disabilities whenever we consider people at all? Society as a whole has not yet embraced this notion. But your organization can, and it doesn't take long for the disabled community to recognize and respond to the effort to accommodate its special needs.

Unconscious social barriers do dissolve with understanding, awareness, and sensitivity. When key personnel can teach front line employees simple, basic protocol for assisting those with disabilities at the point of customer contact, you are truly opening your doors to the largest minority of consumers among us.

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